Sleep Efficiency

What is a good sleep efficiency?
It must be at least 85%. The higher it is, then the better it would be for your body. It definitely means you were able to sleep a lot while lying down on your bed. The comfort of the bed may have something to do with it or the surroundings of the room. There can be many factors that may affect your sleep but it is important to get a high sleep efficiency. You can also put blindfolds on your eyes so you will be able to sleep immediately. Of course, that would prevent you from seeing what is happening in case of an emergency. When you don’t sleep enough at night, you will think of getting sleep in in the afternoon. While that is alright for your body, it won’t be good for your productivity. Besides, the afternoon is when you should be most productive and the night is when your body should get some rest.

How do you calculate sleep efficiency?
You must know a lot of information before you can calculate sleep efficiency. First, know the actual amount of time you slept and the amount of time you were lying on your bed. Now divide those two numbers by each other then multiply by a hundred and you have your sleep efficiency. Yes, it won’t take a math genius to calculate the sleep efficiency as the formula is pretty easy to memorize. It would be better to use a calculator instead of relying on mental math. This is one time when the sleep efficiency must be one hundred percent correct so you can’t guess it.

What percentage of your sleep should be REM?
During REM, your brain functions a lot but your body does not. Thus, a good percentage would be roughly 25%. At this point, you are dreaming but you can’t really do anything about it. When you wake up, you will forget all about what happened which would be for your own good. It would be silly if you remember your own dream since you won’t be able to do anything about it anyway. For example, you dreamed like you were pretty rich and you own a basketball team. You were trying to think how you were going to spend all that money and you suddenly wake up only to realize it was just a dream. It won’t take long before you eventually forget what happened in your dream. The sooner you accept the fact that you won’t be able to do anything about the dream, then the better it would be. Besides, you will probably have a new dream later that night and the same thing will happen. These dreams can mean a lot of things so better not put too much meaning in it. It can also not have any meaning at all. Some would say that when someone appears in your dream then that person thought of you. Unfortunately, there is actually no proof to prove that is actually true. It is merely just a thought from people who had several dreams about people they like.

What does low sleep efficiency mean?
It means you are lying down in bed but you are not sleeping. It definitely means you are having a hard time sleeping. It would be best to go see a doctor and determine whether you have insomnia or not. If you have insomnia, you must take medications for that. It is never healthy to not have much sleep as your body needs the proper amount of rest to get energized again for the next day. One way to improve sleep efficiency is to avoid drinking caffeine during the latter parts of the day. It is pretty evident this will lead to being active at night. The best time to drink coffee would be early in the morning so you would be energized for the rest of the day. Coffee is even healthy because it helps with your metabolism a lot. When you drink it, it won’t be long before you feel the urge to go to the toilet immediately. It is actually great because you will be getting rid of some dead weight.

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