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Musicians get CD sleeves to thank people who have helped them. Authors get the front page of their book. Here's my thanks to few of the people who have helped get Bed Toppings off the ground so far.

Thanks for:

Everything - Ricey & Buttons

Mac design help - Dan Marshall & Tris

Bouncing boards – Rach, Giz, Mum & Cass

Retail advice – Moira @ La La Luxe & 'Gotta-go-Jonno'

Printing advice - Michelle @ Frankie & Swiss Textiles & Mac Fergusson at RMIT

Other advice – Aub, Tim, Peta @ Lovemae & Jonno @ Vanguard

First Chocolate Bed Toppings customer + first tweet - Kate Hunter

Photography - Libby Willis 

Legal advice & accounting - Michelle, Shane, Poita & Xavier

Ongoing enthusiasm – Corinne, Zoe, Alabama, Elle, Roisin, Anne, Charlotte, Lisa & the Fam

Written on August 10, 2011