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Nursery Wallpaper

Somewhere around the middle of my 30 page to-do list is 'design nursery wallpaper'. In the meantime I am decorating our unisex nursery and have been schepping the internet for weeks looking at cute options. I thought I'd pass on what I found to make it easier if you are looking too. 

Top websites we found: - lots of top designers all in one spot - American based but you can purchase through various Australian retailers - Brooklyn based (uses different measurements) - Australian based wallpaper design

It's also worth popping around Etsy, there's some cute vintage stuff on there. 

Anthropologie in the states also has a couple that could be used for a nursery.


Our tips:

Tricky pricing. Wallpaper generally comes in 10m rolls. It's the repeat and the width that varies (between 40 to 70cm). Check this when you are researching prices so you're comparing apples with apples. 

How much will you need? Most websites have wallpaper calculators that help you figure out how much you need. So just measure the length and height of the walls and the windows/doors, they figure out the rest.

Unisex nursery colours. OK so this is definitely a time when it would be handy to know what we're having! My rule was just 'no pink' but lots of the multi-coloured designs have pink in them so I've thrown all rules out the window. Of course greys, blues, yellows and greens are safe bets here. 

Pinterest envy. I LOVE pinterest for gathering inspiration but fell in love with wallpaper (twice actually) that I then couldn't source. Wallpaper designs can be seasonal - so if it's some absolutely beautiful thing from Sweden 3 years ago, you might not be able to find it. 

When in doubt. Maybe don't go for the full on pattern. I am drawn to the really full on designs but realise they will make the nursery feel smaller than it is. Lighter colours or doing half the wall (bottom half) help open up the space. If you're really stuck, go for spots! You can't go wrong with a spotty wall, it's too happy.

Design your own. So many options! You can get murals, photographs blown up or send your own design to a printer who will set it up for you in a repeat (usually 70cm). There are also wallpapers like the one below where you and your little person can colour bits in and add your own touch!

Happy wallpaper shopping! 


Written on January 21, 2013


  • Really cute! Thanks for the links

    Posted by Sarah on April 30, 2014

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