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Newborns sleeping on their front, back or side?




No matter how many books you have read, or how well you are is so confusing trying to figure out what's best when you bring your new little friend home. Everyone gives you different advice don't they! And they say it with such conviction. Meanwhile you're in a no-sleep, what-the-hell-just-happened haze...not thinking straight. It's all pretty bewildering.  

Through time the infant sleep experts say something different. Front is best. No, back is best. No you should put newborns on their side. No, put them on their backs. It's going around in circles. So I whatever works for you. Read up on SIDS, supervise the first few sleeps when trying something new...but figure out what your baby likes and then don't google another thing. So long as it is safe, go with it! 

When we first brought my daughter home, we found what worked for us was to elevate her bassinet slightly on an angle. We put her on her back, tucked her in tightly (swaddled) and found that if she was on a one inch angle with her head elevated, she would sleep better. She had choked a bit in hospital, she was still clearing her lungs of fluid and also seemed to have tummy pain so a bit of gravity seemed to help.

Speaking with my friends recently, we all had different approaches and agreed it all comes down to whatever works for you. Don't let anyone try to mess with what you're doing if it's working. Sleep is too precious! 

Here is a great article with all the facts from Kidspot.

Here are the facts to read up on from SIDs:

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Written on May 29, 2014


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