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Ten cute ways to save space in your nursery


The nursery is usually the smallest room in the home...if it is even a room at all. It can just be a little nook in your room, part of the spare room, whatever you like. I've seen some super cute arrangements with teeny tiny spaces. No matter what kind of area you have to work with, it pays to use some smart tricks to maximise the spaciousness of your room. Before you know it your nursery will be filled with more things than you know what to do with. OK, so what to do? Here are ten ideas to get you thinking. 


1. Line a wall with shelves. Make them special by decorating the back with wrapping paper to create this cute effect. 


2. See if you can buy an old ladder... paint it white and use it as a clothes rack.  


3. Use IKEA spice racks as book shelves - easy access for little hands. Cheap as chips!


4. Choose a cot where you can store things underneath in baskets.


5. For an older kid...see if you could build underneath the bed? Loft bed style is a winner with the kids.


6. Put floating shelves on the walls with a clothes rack underneath it. Cost effective and really attractive.


7. The back of the door is a great space to utilise because it's out of the way. Load it up with bags you can easily take into other rooms or put down on the floor and then lock away out of reach.


8. Pop the change table inside a built in wardrobe.


Another cupboard example - reconfigure the whole inside of the wardrobe to be exactly what you need.


9. Use an IKEA Raskog cart as portable baby storage you can tuck away when guests come.



10. Put boxes onto the wall for decorations and toys. A whole cluster of these would be really cool and can fit much more than this pic shows. Saweeet! 


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Written on May 09, 2014


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