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Newborns sleeping on their front, back or side?

Written on May 29, 2014




No matter how many books you have read, or how well you are is so confusing trying to figure out what's best when you bring your new little friend home. Everyone gives you different advice don't they! And they say it with such conviction. Meanwhile you're in a no-sleep, what-the-hell-just-happened haze...not thinking straight. It's all pretty bewildering.  

Through time the infant sleep experts say something different. Front is best. No, back is best. No you should put newborns on their side. No, put them on their backs. It's going around in circles. So I whatever works for you. Read up on SIDS, supervise the first few sleeps when trying something new...but figure out what your baby likes and then don't google another thing. So long as it is safe, go with it! 

When we first brought my daughter home, we found what worked for us was to elevate her bassinet slightly on an angle. We put her on her back, tucked her in tightly (swaddled) and found that if she was on a one inch angle with her head elevated, she would sleep better. She had choked a bit in hospital, she was still clearing her lungs of fluid and also seemed to have tummy pain so a bit of gravity seemed to help.

Speaking with my friends recently, we all had different approaches and agreed it all comes down to whatever works for you. Don't let anyone try to mess with what you're doing if it's working. Sleep is too precious! 

Here is a great article with all the facts from Kidspot.

Here are the facts to read up on from SIDs:

The picture above is our Bed Toppings Sleep Machine fitted cot sheet, available from with free delivery Australia-wide and international shipping available too.


Ten cute ways to save space in your nursery

Written on May 09, 2014


The nursery is usually the smallest room in the home...if it is even a room at all. It can just be a little nook in your room, part of the spare room, whatever you like. I've seen some super cute arrangements with teeny tiny spaces. No matter what kind of area you have to work with, it pays to use some smart tricks to maximise the spaciousness of your room. Before you know it your nursery will be filled with more things than you know what to do with. OK, so what to do? Here are ten ideas to get you thinking. 


1. Line a wall with shelves. Make them special by decorating the back with wrapping paper to create this cute effect. 


2. See if you can buy an old ladder... paint it white and use it as a clothes rack.  


3. Use IKEA spice racks as book shelves - easy access for little hands. Cheap as chips!


4. Choose a cot where you can store things underneath in baskets.


5. For an older kid...see if you could build underneath the bed? Loft bed style is a winner with the kids.


6. Put floating shelves on the walls with a clothes rack underneath it. Cost effective and really attractive.


7. The back of the door is a great space to utilise because it's out of the way. Load it up with bags you can easily take into other rooms or put down on the floor and then lock away out of reach.


8. Pop the change table inside a built in wardrobe.


Another cupboard example - reconfigure the whole inside of the wardrobe to be exactly what you need.


9. Use an IKEA Raskog cart as portable baby storage you can tuck away when guests come.



10. Put boxes onto the wall for decorations and toys. A whole cluster of these would be really cool and can fit much more than this pic shows. Saweeet! 


Bed Toppings unique cot sheets and single bed sheets are available online at and delivery is free anywhere in Australia (international shipping is also available)


Kids rooms and nursery inspiration

Written on April 16, 2014


Thinking of ideas for your nursery? Check out our Pinterest boards full of ideas for creating a unique, special place for your new (or old) little friend. At Bed Toppings we like lots of styles so long as they have character - some are simple monochromatic colour schemes while others mix new pieces with old favourites. Just look for Bed Toppings on Pinterest to see more!








More happy customers

Written on August 16, 2013


I get the most beautiful emails every day from customers when they receive their sheets. I also get lots of mail from people who just seem to like Bed's so lovely. I read the emails from overseas when I wake up and they are such a nice start to the day. Thanks for your words people!

Below are some of the emails from the last week. 


I just received my parcel in the mail. The sheet and the pillow are absolutely gorgeous and presented so well. 
Thank you so much. 
Bec, Sydney

Oh yes, please make adult sheets. I'm still going to attempt to stretch it on my bed back home, but I really would love to outfit every bed for the rest of my life in your bed toppings. ;) Also your illustrations are on point. Please adopt and/or mentor me. Thaaaaaaanks.
Juliet, USA

Hallo there.
Your stuff is so so so so cool!
Giorgia, Europe

Hi! I think your products are absolutely fabulous and so witty.
Alex, Australia

I HAVE to HAVE this bedding for my son for college.
Marg, USA

I wish you made the chocolate one in queen. this is genius!
Anna, Australia

Thanks for your prompt service, the package arrived today and the chocolate bed looks even better than expected. Wonderful speedy service.

Victoria, Australia

I spotted your bed sheets on a website and I think they are really cool and creative. My favourite is your chocolate bar bedding, I'll try and save up so I can possibly buy one. Your company is really sweet, keep up the good work :)

Eloise, England

Bed Toppings are available here at, delivery is free in Australia and only $8.50 flat rate to the USA. Enjoy! x


Nursery Wallpaper

Written on January 21, 2013

Somewhere around the middle of my 30 page to-do list is 'design nursery wallpaper'. In the meantime I am decorating our unisex nursery and have been schepping the internet for weeks looking at cute options. I thought I'd pass on what I found to make it easier if you are looking too. 

Top websites we found: - lots of top designers all in one spot - American based but you can purchase through various Australian retailers - Brooklyn based (uses different measurements) - Australian based wallpaper design

It's also worth popping around Etsy, there's some cute vintage stuff on there. 

Anthropologie in the states also has a couple that could be used for a nursery.


Our tips:

Tricky pricing. Wallpaper generally comes in 10m rolls. It's the repeat and the width that varies (between 40 to 70cm). Check this when you are researching prices so you're comparing apples with apples. 

How much will you need? Most websites have wallpaper calculators that help you figure out how much you need. So just measure the length and height of the walls and the windows/doors, they figure out the rest.

Unisex nursery colours. OK so this is definitely a time when it would be handy to know what we're having! My rule was just 'no pink' but lots of the multi-coloured designs have pink in them so I've thrown all rules out the window. Of course greys, blues, yellows and greens are safe bets here. 

Pinterest envy. I LOVE pinterest for gathering inspiration but fell in love with wallpaper (twice actually) that I then couldn't source. Wallpaper designs can be seasonal - so if it's some absolutely beautiful thing from Sweden 3 years ago, you might not be able to find it. 

When in doubt. Maybe don't go for the full on pattern. I am drawn to the really full on designs but realise they will make the nursery feel smaller than it is. Lighter colours or doing half the wall (bottom half) help open up the space. If you're really stuck, go for spots! You can't go wrong with a spotty wall, it's too happy.

Design your own. So many options! You can get murals, photographs blown up or send your own design to a printer who will set it up for you in a repeat (usually 70cm). There are also wallpapers like the one below where you and your little person can colour bits in and add your own touch!

Happy wallpaper shopping! 



Chocoholics understand!

Written on November 15, 2012


Loved this article in the paper this week! It's no wonder kids go crazy over their giant Chocolate bar bedding. The sheets fill their whole bedroom with fun. Not a great idea to bust out of childcare Max... but hats off for your funny rationale. x


Just born! Cot sheets join the gang

Written on October 26, 2012


Funny 'Sleep Tips for Newcomers' 

The adorable 'Nest' fitted sheet

One of our first customers sent us a pic! Cute!

We are so pleased to expand the Bed Toppings range with our new unisex, Australian made cot linen. Each fitted cot sheet fits regular and large cots (Boori) and is unisex, making it the perfect baby shower or toddler gift. Best of all, the soft, neutral colours will compliment any nursery décor and colour scheme. Each fitted sheet comes in an eco-friendly gift box so you can send your special gift directly to friends or family. Deliver is free so it's all too easy!

Tiny people deserve the very best so we've only used the finest materials and ethical production processes. Each piece is lovingly made in Australia with finely spun 280 thread count Supercale cotton and printed with eco-safe Oeko-Tex 100 certification ink. The end result? A delightfully soft, well-made sheet that you know is eco-safe for babies. Home grown for mothers who want a nursery with individual style and tasteful character for their special little bundle.

We can't wait to bring you more of our nursery range. Take advantage of our special launch price of just $52 for each unique cot sheet, gift boxed and delivered free.   


Sophie x


Happy Customers

Written on July 18, 2012

I just wanted to share a few of the lovely comments I've had from our Bed Toppings customers. These are all 100% genuine and definitely make the hard work worthwhile. Thanks for letting us know you're so happy!  

Yes they’ve changed my life, Stella actually wants to go to bed now!! Thanks!!!

Lisa in Melbourne (owns 3 of the designs)

The deal is if I buy her this Chocolate Bar set she's promised to start sleeping in her bed and not on the couch!

Mother with 11 year old at Finders Keepers market

Hudson loves his sheets. He cries when they are in the wash and not on his bed.

Georgia in Northern NSW (owns 2 designs)

The kids love the sheets and think they sleep really well in them. Have been showing their friends when they've been coming over these holidays.  

Rachel in Brisbane (owns 2 designs)

My daughter is so excited with her new bedding! Thanks for the super fast shipping (I couldn't believe that package crossed the world in 5 days!!). We are very very happy and definitely will be back! 

Tatyana, San Jose (USA)

My daughter fell in love with the sheets, she is now so happy!

Laura in Gold Coast

Just wanted to let you know my sheets arrived today. Thanks so little man is freaking out. 

Joanne in Perth

Ive been searching for some interesting and fun bed lines for my son for a long time. Through recommendation I found this chocolate cover set and it looks great. My son is a teenager but with the right colours and accessories etc it still is grown up and funky looking. He loves chocolate so its a great fit. Getting the sardines one next.
Never see anything like this in the shops.

Billy on the Top 3 By Design review website

These sheet sets are the bom! My boys love them...they can't wait to turn down the sheets.

KJ on the Top 3 By Design review website


Finders Keepers Market 7th & 8th July in Brisbane

Written on June 27, 2012

The only problem with hosting a market stand is that I always want to buy (and eat) everything in sight. I’m in trouble next weekend because Bed Toppings are going to be at Finders Keepers in Brisbane. It’s a particularly special market full of beautiful, designer, boutique bits and bobs. Wonderful little brands seem to come out of the woodwork for Finders Keepers, especially in the kids department. Come and stock up early on pressies or just to be inspired by the crafty folk. Our stall will be just near the entrance I believe so please stop by and say hi (or show me your loot!).

Finders Keepers did a little designer feature on us which was very sweet of them. You can read the interview here:



Sleepy hot chocolate recipe

Written on April 13, 2012


It's getting chilly here at bed toppings headquarters. We have pulled out the winter doona and slippers! Just before bed there's nothing better than a soothing hot drink. It helps you feel snuggly and nod off to sleep. Here's a hot chocolate recipe we treat ourselves to once a week, it's absolutely delicious!


  • 8 teaspoons sugar
  • 4 teaspoons baking cocoa
  • 4 cups milk
  • 1 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
How to make it:

In a saucepan, combine the first four ingredients. Cook and stir over medium heat until the marshmallows are melted - this will take about 8 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in vanilla. Now it's ready to pour into your mug.