Abnormal sleep study results

There are a lot of things that are going on in your brain when you are sleep. The sleep study will help in tracking such activities which will give your doctor a chance to make a diagnosis so that treatment of sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea can be evaluated and effective treatment can begin.

Therefore sleep studies are popularly known as a polysomnography which is a test that is performed to diagnose sleep disorders by recording leg movements, breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen levels in blood and brain waves. It is usually done in a sleep center or a hospital.

Psychologist and depressed patient at office

This study helps in examining why sleep patterns are being distracted the process begins with non-rapid eye movement whereby the brain waves are slow down and your eyes move back and forth after some time the brain activity resumes after which you will enter into multiple sleep cycles. The doctor may recommend polysomnography due to the following:

  • Unexplained chronic insomnia which you find hard to sleep or stay long before sleeping.
  • Other related breathing disorders or sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy where you experience sudden sleep or daytime drowsiness
  • Periodic limb movement disorder where you experience involuntarily flex of your legs during sleeping.
  • REM behavior.

How long does it take to get results from the sleep study?

After the study is completed the specialist will make a diagnosis and decide on the best treatment options for your sleep conditions which you might have to refer you to a physician. Normally, the study can take up to 1-2 weeks but some can be interpreted as soon as possible. Therefore when it is completed you will be referred to a specialist who will review your results.

How much does sleep technician earn in a year?

Sleep technicians monitor blood oxygen levels, breathing, muscle activity movements, brain waves and sleep patterns using special equipment for sleep disorders. Afterward, the information which is obtained will be reviewed by a physician who will make the final diagnosis. The sleep physician should have good communication skills and technical skills to be able to use the equipment. They are usually survived by physicians as per the shifts. Additionally, The average salary scales of a sleep position is 34470 dollars.

How do you become a sleep specialist?

To become a sleep specialist you have to complete training programs and spend six months as a trainee where you’ll be exposed to special equipment. The following is how you can become a sleep technician.

Complete a training program

The training program of a sleep specialist lasts for approximately one year where the learner is taught to operate equipment such as electroencephalogram and continuous positive pressure machine (CPAP).
Therefore after the program, the technicians will be given license certifications such as BCLS or CPR.

Obtain a license

A sleep specialist is required to obtain a license for them to be allowed to exercise the duties as per the licensing laws. A temporary license can be issued for technicians though they will have to renew them regularly.

Become Certified

After completion of the program, they will be eligible for the certification by the board after successfully passing the exam. This certification will last for approximately three years.

Career advancement

A sleep specialist will have to complete approximately 6 months on the training before they proceed for career advancement. They can begin from an entry-level position to an electrodiagnostic technologist as they advance in their career path.

How much does a sleep study cost?

Sleep testing centers of different price tags depending on the billing method. For instance sleep study can cost $600 to $5000 per night. However, the overall cost will depend if you have insurance covers which will subsidize the cost. Generally, when some amount is covered by insurance companies the sleep study can cost approximately 150 dollars to $500 per night.


People underestimate the importance of sleep study but it is essential for human health. Various things can interfere with proper sleep which requires sleep specialists to intervene. Therefore, psychologist and sleep specialist need to undertake a sleep study test to understand the sleep disorders which you’re suffering from so that they can begin treatment. There are other sleep threatening disorders such as breathing-related and sleep apnea which should not be taken for granted but you should visit a specialist as soon as possible.

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